Any Riddle Students?

I go to school here in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I was just wandering If there are any alumni or current students here.

Call-sign in the advanced server is Riddle1

I hope to be there next year !!! I was just down there a week ago for a tour

Did you see a United erj170 last summer land there

Cool, if you have any questions hit me up. you will have to be more specific, ERJs come here alot. Plus I started school in January, so I was not here yet.

Oh okay yea that was a while ago anyway. But yes I probably will soon. First thing first I’m just trying to get in

I know they do a point system for acceptance but maybe you share sometime what you did to get or anything specific. One other thing how was the first year as a freshman. We’re there people there your age and all that. Cause I don’t be that one kid who’s 19 and everyone else is like 22 you know.

Sorry just a little nervous every about the whole thing

Sorry I keep sending messages but I did make a 32 on my ACT if that’ll help at all

“I don’t be that one kid who’s 19 and everyone else is like 22 you know.”

Yes you do!! It might not seem like it now, but that is a big advantage. Believe me, in ten to twenty years you will realize how short 3 years really is. Take advantage and learn all you can! Good luck

I only went there for grad school, but it was a great experience all around!

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Thanks it seemed like ther perfect school for me

Dont worry, you will find people your age. Lol

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