Any recommended device for long haul?

I’m running fine using an original iPad mini. What device do you use now?

Please dont comment if you are just going to trash another device

I don’t know if your a being ironic or just trying to offend someone who can’t afford a more expensive tablet, but it seemed offensive.

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We are going just abit off topic here lol. Can we just keep it on topic thanks for telling us! I cant imagine it still performs well with the new update

I’m not trashing talking at all I bought one for a friend it couldn’t even run infinite flight.

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Very just ignore it and move on ;)

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Oh I’m just asking to see how much of an upgrade he wants compared to his original device.

No worries! Well done for still running a original iPad Mini!

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I’m not offending anyone and where did you even come up with that idea.

Please not here can we stay on topic ;)

Well, that’ s all, thank you all for the recommendations :)

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Perfect. Hope you find the device you are looking for!

“If it ain’t broken don’t fix it”

Ok, I suggest getting an iPad, they have a bigger screen etc. a 6th gen should do the trick, and it should be about 200$.

Or you could get an original iPad mini, pretty sure sellers will give you money to have it 😂 just kidding

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The iPhone SE 2 is very good for its price, but if you want something with more features, the iPhone 11 is better.

Ok to sum this all up

For around 300 dollars get the new iPad 8th generation

If you want a iPhone for around 400 go for the SE 2020

If you can stretch the budget wait for the iPad Air 4

If you have around 699 dollars get the iPhone 11

Hope that helped with your IOS needs!


That’s for today, but next week Apple may announce new devices, and consequently the prices, (at least the iPhone ones) may decrease. Also, a new device in the same range of the 11 today (probably the 12) is expected.

Yep! If you can also wait there will be the new iPhone 12’s!


I run my Infinite Flight on an iPhone 11, runs perfectly fine for long-hauls and it doesn’t go to 1000 degrees!

Amazing there is your iPhone 11 recommendation from a user!

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Ok, thankyou too for the recommendation @Collins4486