Any recommended device for long haul?

I can’t fly with my phone. It feels so so tiny. If you ask me, go for an iPad, a whole lot better experience.

Looks that the “chat” is Busy. Alright guys, again, thank you all for the recommendations ;)

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I would recommend an iPhone 6s is affordable and can do long haul I did it before.

Hi! Depending on your price range as far as a budget goes, phones like the iPhone X, XR, and the other later models are what I’ll recommend.

Those have great processors and at the right settings will allow for a very enjoyable experience.

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I would recommend to wait for Black Friday (late November) if you have that much time, because there you will probably find a better deal

XR works great and should be cheaper than the flagship models.

Best thing to get is an iPad mini 5 just £400
With A12 chio. Nothing beats iPad

I use the new iPad Pro. It’s a bit of an investment but it works like a dream for flights on IF and works with the highest of the highest graphics settings

Would really recommend looking at this depending on the performance stats of the devices.

Device Compatibility Thread 20.1 - Built By Us For You!

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No way, the Razor’s chipset is midrange and battery life is horrible, and it’s not cheap and has a plastic folding screen, all in all it’s not meant for heavy simulation.

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Not at all but let’s leave him to his opinion we can’t say it is bad because for him it may be good for him :) Like I said he wants IOS but Android opinions are always welcome

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My recommendation would be


iPad Air 2019


iPhone 11

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Yep! And also we can’t forget the about the iPhone 12’s! The iPhone 12 Mini may be a good steal if you ask me ;)

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Depends on OP’s budget, but iPhone 11 is low-priced and can run IF well.

SE Would be pretty bad tho

It would be but again it is all up to him. We can only help his decision ;)

Yea just my 2 cents 😬

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Yep I also reccomend the 8th gen iPad ;)

The thing with the iPhone SE is that the battery isn’t the best, but that then again shouldn’t be an issue since most of us when flying in IF, just plug in our devices to charge, even I do with my iPad Pro which can easily with brightness down all the way can last for a medium to long haul flight, so battery issue isn’t a real concern in that sense, and the SE is plenty powerful using the iPhone 11 (and 11 Pro / Pro Max’s), A13 Bionic Chip, and all the latest and greatest from 2019, it is sure to run IF wonderfully.

But, then again iPhone 11 (Non-Pro) is another device with a bigger screen and for a great price that too no matter which market you belong to, and is a device very much capable of playing IF flawlessly. Both the 11 and SE are very compelling devices at for their price and performance delivered.

Lastly, as some has already mentioned, there is the Apple October Event, happening on October 13th, which is very much likely gonna be the event for the new iPhone 12 announcements, with possible pre-orders taking place on the Friday following. I would suggest waiting out just a few days to see if the lowest-end iPhone 12’s can be something for you and happens to fall in the price range you are looking at. There will be the iPhone 12 mini (5.4-inch screen), so similar to the SE in screen size but with better internal hardware, and more powerful, and then there is the iPhone 12 (6.1-inch, Not Pro Model), which will replace the current iPhone 11, so if those two may be something for you, it is worth waiting to see, otherwise you may find the 11 for a lower price in certain stores after the 12 is launched, that’s a possibility as well.

Whichever way you go, I hope you make a decision that you’ll be happy with and make your IF experience be a great one ✌

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