Any recommended device for long haul?

Hi, I just flying with a Iphone that can´t do long haul flights in the minimum settings (like 3h35min). Can somebody recommend a better device for 12-16 hour flights? (and with the best settings) Thank you. :)


Any price range? Needs to be iPhone?

A not extremley epensive Iphone

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Then your best option would be the iPhone SE 2020. I will link the website

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iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone 11 are your best bets at the moment, although I would wait for Apple’s upcoming October event this Tuesday at 10AM PDT. (New iPhones are expected)

iPhone 11
If you are only going to use it for IF iPad mini 5

Of course just to see pricing and stuff ;-)

I wouldn’t buy an SE. not a great investment at least

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Get the latest iPad 6th gen

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The Motorola Razor

IOS and the razor is expensive

Not an iPhone and expensive

I’m telling bro the razor is the best thing on the market, you can’t go wrong with it.

But he asked for IOS

Samsung galaxy tab A 2019 version. Very perfect to run long hauls. Just keep it on a charger. And it normally crashes once per flight but at the gate right after you file your flight plan

And no the Razor it is far from “best on the market”

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Ok, thank all of you guys for the recommendations


I feel like this could help


Bruh the galaxy tab is an embarrassment