Any recommend airport for touch and go or like playing around?

Actually, I doing this not to boost my landings just for having fun… if you guys have any suggestions please reply to me :D

Are you looking for somewhere with beautiful views, somewhere challenging, or somewhere with no traffic?

yes can at africa or south pacific ocean…

FSIA (Seychelles) is a beautiful airport. I know at least one side of the airport is blocked off by mountains, but I think the other side is free.

HTKJ (Kilimanjaro) also offers beautiful scenery in Africa.

I also recommend Lome (DXXX) in Togo, nice views and mountains and it is in the coast.

I’ve GA’d around FACT, Table Mountain and the other surrounding peaks make for some lovely views and great practice maintaining MSAs …

I love doing touch and gos/flying around at Shizuoka airport (RJNS). Flying over Suruga bay in a small GA aircraft with Mount Fuji in the background looks stunning (even in infinite flight). Quick example:

source: Shizuoka airport Wikipedia

And here’s my infinite flight recreation


Half Moon Bay is a nice, small airport to do circuits at! I’m biased bc I used to live there lol. It’s on the coast, and it also provides good views of Pillar Point and the little town of Moss Beach.

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