Any (reasonable) airline Nashville fly out!


  • No inappropriate behavior or or flight plans.
  • No ignoring ATC.
  • Use realistic flight plans.
  • Have fun!

Summary: Hello there! Welcome to the any (reasonable) airline Nashville fly out! In this event you will be able to choose any (reasonable) aircraft and livery. The event will last 24 hours and starts in 36 days.

Server: This event will take place in the training server.

Airport: Fly out of KBNA

Time: the event is at 12:45 am Zulu time on Saturday, March first.

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Hello, would you like gate assignments? If so, feel free to PM me and I’ll get them down for you.

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Sounds really fun! I can’t join though.

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Why not, that’s unfortunate to hear

I’ll see but I think I have school.

What’s your time zone

Eastern us

I’ll see if I can attend.

Oh, well that’s at 7:45 pm eastern

Yeah too late for me sorry.

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If someone can’t join, they can’t join. Don’t keep asking


The event (

I just wanted to know why

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Yes I know that but you keep asking why


Sorry to hear that, wish you could make it!

I only asked for his time zone and why he can’t make it

And if you want help making a really good event I would recommend PMing

Me @Butter575 @United403 @MANDELA @Cole_Woodard @BenjiTheBull @Ryan_15 @Wonderousbuilder641 @RagonDragon @Bay_Area_Aviation

We’re all really good event makers and have been making them for a while and all have good experience

I would also recommend looking at the events calendar and seeing the events and taking a look at those for some ideas

Is @whyevenbothernaming ok, he said he could help me with gate assignments.

Yes hes a good one too!


He just immediately spawns in and says 🩷 to that