Any real pilot that enjoys this game?

Except me! Ive flown cesna 175 and I’ve tried the cesna 175 on infinite flight and it seems like a real experience… I’ve never flown big commercial aircrafts like b747 or a380… my question is… if out there is any pilot that have the experience on flying those big commercial aircrafts is it as accurate as cesna 175 or totally different?


Do you mean 172?

Well I fly the Cessna 175 Skylark , I’ve flown the cesna 172 Skyhawk as well there’s not a big difference between the two.

If you’re looking for people with experience flying commercial aircraft, here are a few people you can reach out to:
@ IFATC_Andrew (Flies the CRJ Family)

@ RAH (I think flies the A320)

@ DeerCrusher (Flew the ERJ-145, now is flying a C208)

@ Erj145 (flies a Phenom 100 I believe)

@ Heavydriver (Flies a 777)

@ Aernout (Flies the A380)

There are more, but these are just a few of the more active (jet) pilots on the IFC.

Since you are looking for pilots who fly heavy aircraft, I’d reach out to the last two on the list for your questions.

I intentionally avoided tagging these folks as most of them are important and have some piloty stuff to do I guess. I’d reach out them via PM if you want to learn more!


Private pilot. I have just over 2,700 hours logged flying in Infinite flight


I don’t think you guys understood what Arian is asking for… he wants to speak to pilots of heavy aircraft.

Well not necessarily want to speak with someone just need to know if the real b747 in real life experience is a close match to the experience we get when we fly the b747 on IF…
I know the complexity of real flying and the difference between online simulation but like I said, I’ve flown Cessnas in real life and when I fly the Cessna on IF I got to say there is an unbelievable accuracy to the real experience… I just don’t know if that accuracy between the real flight and the IF flight is as close on the big jets as it is on Cessna…

There’s @Christopher_Coyne who flies for Virgin Atlantic.


I can’t speak for myself, but my uncle who’s an a380 pilot dislikes this game. Nothing against anyone who developed this game but he thinks that the realism just isn’t there. I understand this is a mobile simulator and it is difficult to implement realism, but this may just be a bit better with features like shared-cockpit and more wide-spread ATC who don’t just hang out in the Socal/London airspace.


this is a simulation I know it’s not real because in simulation you get the chance to survive after a crash lol… My point is not that simple as you try to implement it lol… And I only speak about the light aircrafts because that’s all I’ve flown… To me there is a unbelievable accuracy on the inputs you put on the real Cessna to make it fly with the IF Cessna… they just react the same… on IF of course that same reaction of aircraft is brought down to a smaller scale but I got to say the resemblance is spot on.

I fly a Q400

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And what do you think when you fly that same aircraft on IF ?

It’s similar, it requires lots of lift to take off and it requires not much reverse thrust in real life.

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It’s good to know that a q400 have reverse thrust… I didn’t even know a propeller aircraft had reverse thrust … Well some do but I didn’t know q400 had reverse thrust !!! Thank you for your answer however.

It’s a turboprop


I see , that’s really nice.


It’s completely more complicated and requires more skill and timing. And the glide slope is longer. And you have to lose speed and altitude in a certain way. Plus is critical to use the spoilers on flight early. And armed as the last thing to do to achieve a timed touchdown. I think I didn’t miss anything. And if I did then feel free to add to this everyone

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I use spoilers all the time on IF they increase your decent rate and avoiding overspending … To me seems like it really works on IF as well ,maybe is on a smaller scale which is understandable but … they do give you the experience what happens if you use spoilers…


A330 & A350 rated too

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Yes I pretty much always use the spoilers, If I’m flying commercial I really only fly the Airbus A320 on IF but find it almost critical to use them for descent and to lose speed. I normally call in for Approach at 18,000 ft about 70/80 nm out at around 320kts (airspeed) so once instructed to descend to 11 or 10,000 ft by ATC I like to use them to reduce altitude and speed. Sometimes I reapply them down to 5,000 if needed depending on circumstances and traffic etc. Not only adding to realism but I also find it critical at times