Any Real Flybe Dash-8 Q400 Routes?

If anyone would like to share routes for this wonderful aircraft, feel free to do so.
Real Flights only please

You wanna make this a database?
Because that would be pretty cool

You could use this, but it doesn’t say whether it was the Dash or Embraer. Most would be the Dash-8 though

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Though this is a massive challenge, you can make a VA inspired by Flybe…

Please note I said “inspired” as you have to brand the VA differently due to real life copyright reasons

Have fun with any routes you find! I would recommend or for looking up routes.

Flybe is no longer flying though

Virgin Virtual Group already has FlyBe routes :)


LDSP - LIRA Croatian Airlines DH8Q400

EGNS (my local) to… EGCC, EGGP and EGBB.

He asked for FlyBe routes :^)

Ohhhh okay

Flybe is British though right?

I think so…

Yes it is.

– A random Brit

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Bruh completely didn’t realise sorry hahahaha

So… any routes

EHAM to pretty much any UK Flybe airport, e.g. EGLC, EGCC…

Is EGNX a destination?

It was before Flybe went bust - but it’s a realistic route all the same 😊

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