Any plans to make a virtual joystick?

I wish infinite flight had a virtual joystick like RFS…With virtual joystick, we can fly more comfortable. We can land accurately too.


Currently, no plans for an in-game virtual joystick have been announced by developers. If I remember correctly, I think the idea was brought up by the community some time ago, but it was thought that a virtual onscreen joystick would make Infinite Flight feel more like a “game” than a simulator that strives to emulate realism.

However, you can use a real joystick like a Thrustmaster or a Saitek, etc. with Infinite Flight either directly (if you’re on Android), or by using a free third-party app called Map Connect (if you’re on iOS).

Alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase a real joystick and you have a secondary device (like a second phone or tablet), you can use that as a yoke/joystick using a mobile app called Fly-By-Wire which costs $4.99

Hope this helps!