Any plans on adding the ability to see each other's ground services?

I checked the features and didn’t see anything, and I’m only TL1. Thanks!


This is a work in progress hence no feature requests. They are currently fully reworking the servers to allow for this but this is quite a complex feature request as it has to do with the state of aircraft. Rest assured it is in the works but it will take time until it is fully ready for release.


Awesome! Thank you!

Even though most can’t be seen by other players unless you look at the doors but some clues on when I might start moving from the gate that I wish other players next to me on CTAF might have a clue.

Catering door closed; 30 minutes to 15 minutes to pushback (usually 30 minutes unless I’m behind).

Unplug iPad from charger and remove ground power; within 5 or 10 minutes to pushback.

Beacon lights, about to push.

If at night with a moon; use landing lights as taxi lights to about to move (if no moon, I just use daylight option)

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