Any plane spotters in Dublin or Boston?

Hi I am going to be flying on the 12th and I was wondering if anyone is planning on spotting in Dublin or Boston
If anyone is going to be sporting there can you please let me know?

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We can’t… I don’t know how you’re going to get around the restrictions but we’re not allowed so to answer your question no for Dublin. I don’t know about Boston and the restrictions there but Dublin’s a no


As @Ryan_Gibb said, the current restrictions in Ireland limit our travel distance, as of Monday the 8th of June, we can travel 20km from our household. So unfortunately, I can’t, but I do know some people that live near EIDW that may be going plane spotting on the 12th, I could get in contact with them and ask, would that help?

Thank you for informing me. Yes that would he a great help. I’ve always wanted to see a flight I’m on from another angle.

👍👍👍 I’ll DM you if I get a yes from them 😊😊

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Thank you very much

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