Any overnight route ideas?

Guys I would like some ideas of overnights. I’m out of ideas

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Check some of these routes out!

If none of those interest you, are you looking for any specific airports/airlines/aircraft on the route?

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Instead of the same, typical flights from KLAX, EGLL, YSSY, OMDB, KSFO, etc, a nice route I don’t see flown much is EDDF-RJTT on the ANA 787-9. The flight is about 11 hours and 30 minutes and I think it’s a good overnight route.

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Do you like to fly with the IFATC schedule? If you’re qualified for the expert server I highly recommend this as we travel between many regions throughout the week!

Tomorrow is Memphis as the hub. Lots of fedex flights to be flown!

Edit: My top five overnight flights are listed below:


KATL-FAOR is always a great choice!


Depends how long you want to rest.

For your rest being around 8 hours i will recommend Singapore to Christchurch (WSSS/SIN - NZCH/CHC) and Singapore to London/ Zurich/ Frankfurt (WSSS/SIN - EGLL/LHR | LSZH/ZRH | EDDF/FRA)

For longer you can try Singapore to Los Angeles (WSSS/SIN - KLAX/LAX)

The winds vary. Europe to Asia for eg. has strong tailwinds.

Hope it helps :)

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I would like flights with 11 hours or more

There’s also FPLtoIF’s random flight generator where you can select a certain aircraft, departure/arrival airport, and/or duration.

Sorry that neither of those are route suggestions but rather resources you can use to decide the route.

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Fpltoif fpl is not working


should be your best bet.

You can try other airlines as well, like Cathay’s Hong Kong to London route :)

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Thanks @Reichsniper01

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Hmm not sure why. In that case here are my suggestions:

KEWR-FACT (14 hours)
KORD-HAAB (13 hours)
KSFO-LLBG (13 hours)
LSZH-WSSS (13 hours)

And if you want IFATC tomorrow morning then I suggest:

RJBB-KMEM (13 hours)

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Some of my favorites are

KLAX-YSSY, American 787-9
NZAA-OTHH, Qatar 777-200LR
VHHH-KJFK, Cathay 777-300ER
RPLL-EGLL, Philippines A350-900
YPPH-EGLL, Qantas 787-9
KSFO-PGUA, United 777-200ER
NZAA-KORD, Air New Zealand 787-9
FAOR-KATL, Delta 777-200ER/LR Can’t remember which

Hope this helps :)


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