Any opinion on this camera

Hey, spotters. I have been thinking of starting spotting over the summer. Unfortunately, the best camera I have is prearranged old but was the best on the marked 10 years ago, I’ll post a picture but it’s a Canon EOS Digital.

Any thoughts if this camera can be used for spotting?

I have a very similar camera to this, and I would say you can get some decent shots with it. I would recommend getting a longer lens, though. :)

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To my eyes, it looks a billion times better than my Pixel 2.

If it has great zoom, it’ll be a good camera for spotting.


Ok, thanks, what lenses would you recommend

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I personally use a 75-300mm lens, which is great, but you can always get a longer lens if affordable.

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I just need a longer lens, but that’s great news @Niccckk

Ok, thanks @Dylan_M

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I use a Nikon D3000 to spot, which is also about 10 years old. With a 70-300 mm lens, I can take photos like these.


Thanks guys, this is great news. Mods can close this now

Is this really linked to real world aviation or spotting?

Yes, @BadPlane is asking if his camera is suitable for plane spotting

That is a great camera! Some of the best cameras I have owned are old. I currently have a Nikon D3000 which I believe is 14 years old and it is the best camera I have ever owned.

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