Any non-stop international flights to arrive at Fort-Lauderdale at 10:30 AM EST tomorrow?

Are there any non-stop international flights to arrive at Fort-Lauderdale tomorrow, April 3rd at around 10:30 AM EST? That’s a 12 hour flight. If you do know, could you please give me a route. (Airport to depart from)-Fort-Lauderdale to land somewhere around 10:30 AM EST tomorrow. Thanks so much! Infinite Flight forever.

I highly recommend downloading Flightradar24. That app will show you departure and arrival boards of real life flights. It will also let you playback the flight route so you can see the altitude they went to, the taxi routes, and the gates


I have that, how would I search a 12 hour flight to Fort-Lauderdale though?


please click here… i’m begging you.

Filter the date&time in the top right to the time you wish to look for arrivals.

There are no international flights scheduled to arrive at KFLL tomorrow @ 10:30am local time.

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I need an airport to fly from to arrive at Fort-Lauderdale at sometime around 10:30 AM. Nonstop. Any airports in thought?

It looks like KFLL isn’t operating long haul flights at the moment due to restrictions. If you want a busy airport for a long haul, I recommend KDFW

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Internationally there is no flights but the closest I see to being international would be WN1774 arriving at 10:55AM

Domestic I’d say Boston’s a great choice!

I’m so sorry, I meant that I need a route suggestion in Infinite Flight to fly from to get to Fort-Lauderdale sometime around 10:30AM EST. 12 hour flights suggestions?


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Ah. I see. That’s my bad, haha.

The closest I can find is DXB-FLL (Emirates 213). It is blocked at 14h 55m. Unfortunately, this flight is no longer operating due to COVID-19.

Here’s the flight information if you’re interested.

Norwegian also used to fly to Fort Lauderdale from numerous European markets I believe. Paris Charles DeGaulle and London Gatwick I think were two of them.

Thanks so much! Do you know any 16 hour nonstop flights to Fort-Lauderdale that I could fly on Infinite Flight?

Here’s one if you’d like to try it. The livery isn’t in game though.

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I do not, unfortunately. If I recall correctly, EK 213 was the longest nonstop flight serving the airport.

@CaptainZac may be able to help, though.

Here’s another from Lima.

As @Z-Tube said, EK 213 WAS The longest nonstop flight to the airport until it was retired. Norwegian served the airport long-haul from London, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Unfortunately Fort Lauderdale is not the biggest international airport in the world so we don’t get too many international flights but hopefully they will come back soon!

At one point it served British Airways LGW-FLL I believe.

They did at a point. It was for about two years but they retired it because who wanted to fly Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale? It was very convenient for me, but unfortunately it’s probably not the best idea for an airline like British Airways

Thanks for the info, Zac. Do you know any 16 hour nonstop flights that I could fly to Fort-Lauderdale? It doesn’t not have to be realistic or according to any other flights in the real world.