Any news regarding replay system for multiplayer servers?

Hi all,

I believe around the time Oshkosh was taking place, Laura had said on stage that FDS were planning to introduce a replay system for multiplayer servers (I’m sorry I can’t seem to find the link to her announcement), and it’s been a couple of months since then. We have gotten the new CRJs and the TBM soon, but no mention of the replay system. I can only imagine the work-load such a feature would toll on the servers. So I was just wondering, does anyone know if the replay is still in the works or not?

Thank you,


Idk, I searched and nothing related. 😑

Any news regarding the replay system will be announced in #announcements or other official media accounts that FDS runs, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Be sure to tune into those various social media platforms to get the latest information.

But to answer your question, no. No information has been provided to you guys yet. Hope this helps clarify something. Have a great day/evening! 🙂