Any news on the A350-1000?

Do we have any news about if we will ever get the A350-1000 in IF? I remember the devs said that they weren’t sure wether we would get it or not but it’s been a few months now and I want to know if anything has changed.

Nothing has been confirmed. I wouldn’t hold my breath personally, but we have no news either way. Follow Infinite flight on there social media accounts, (typically @infiniteflight) check the development timeline, and pay attention to #announcements and you’ll learn of anything official.

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They haven’t told us anything, they will announce when they start working on something after the 772

I kinda feel that the devs have forgotten about the A350-1000. I haven’t seen any news regarding it recently.

It’s not a priority I’d assume as we have the more popular variant. They are working on other stuff as the -900 is a game changer already.

No news so far. They did say that they have a “secret plane” in the works so maybe this secret surprise will fulfill your (and many others) dreams of the A35K but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

Do you have a source? I’m not questioning your truthfulness, I just haven’t heard about this.

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The live stream that happened like a month ago. It was a hard to recognize detail to pick up on and then many people on the 777 development thread were talking about it so I went back and rewatched the stream to double check.

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I’m wondering if that « secret plane » could be the A220 or ATR. I’m also kinda worried about the Austrian livery not being added with the B772 rework. There are at least 40 votes for that livery and it still hasn’t been confirmed?

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Hope instead of adding planes they focus on improving the planes we have. Patience…

There are lots of things that will not be confirmed till we all get our grubby hands on it, you can sleep easy, I promise

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Let’s not turn this into a livery request thread. Definitely off topic especially the 777 liveries, this is about the A35k after all.