Any news on the A220 sounds?

Please don’t hit me with the « patience team will let us know on the social medias ». There is a topic similar to this one that was made months ago and Philippe himself answered and gave news.

We got 22.4 , 22.5 and still no update on A220 sounds.
We were told 1-2 months ago that they had the sounds and they now needed to implement them.
And yet we still haven’t received any update of the sounds or just a simple update to let us know what’s going on about it.

I (and probably many other members of the community) would like to know if there’s any update on those sounds or will we ever get them.




Maybe have a look here.

Cheers! :)


I think they have the sounds if I remember correctly.

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He said this :)


Oh, lmao, whoops

I totally agree with you here. And not only the A220. The A330ceo, which was reworked like a lot of time ago, still doesn’t have sound - has the 777 instead, which was a huge controversy in the forum- , and we don’t have any update of this.

I believe we should get more news about that. We don’t know anything, and we don’t know how much time we have wait for those. :(


Yeah I really hope a staff member replies to this topic.

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The a330 is not getting new sounds. Personally I don’t think it’s that big a deal but whatever.

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I think it is. They have to record the sounds first and then there’s a lot of work needed to make it feel realistic, sound differs at different camera angles…

he is talking about not having the a330 sound.

He meant that the A333 having 777 sounds isn’t a big deal. And that it’s fine like this. He’s right btw.

Anyway let’s stay on topic please.

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