Any news about the A330?

Hey all,

I just feel a bit lost because he had announced to give us news as soon as the 757 would be finished and they haven’t given us any news yet, is there a problem?

Thanks in advance.

Baptiste Desmet

They most likely have not started anything major yet.

Still nothing 🤷🏻‍♂️

The Infinite Flight Staff and Development Team never specifically stated when they would release the A330 - just that it would be the next aircraft to be reworked (per community vote). When the aircraft is ready (and in a presentable state), they’ll begin showing it off.

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I think it is most likely to be released near summer time

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Please avoid speculating release dates. The A330 will be released… when it’s ready.


I have in no way speculated on the arrival of the A330.

No one’s speculating release dates relax, it’s been 2 months since the last update and not a single WIP of the A330 which makes a lot of people starting to wonder including myself if the devs have even started working on the A330…


We haven’t had much of a recent update so it’s only normal for people to speculate. I personally don’t see the problem in speculating dates. It’s what people do when they can’t wait for something exciting! It’s not a big deal…😊


Devs was working on the 757 for a while, we got WIPs around november time. Trust the process and you will not be disappointed. As you know, IF have been working on liveries too which we got WIPs for. I don’t want to speculate what’s going on but with the a330 being a big aircraft it might take longer than let’s say an a320 rework.

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Exactly right. There is no problem in speculation