Any news about 22.8

Okay, so I haven’t seen any update in the development section about 22.8 in general, anyone got any updates.

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Just continue to have patience and avoid Speculation

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The next update, whether that be 22.8 or not until next year and it be 23.1 - will come when its ready.

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We got one more Monday left in November and four in December, but since the devs will take a break it is hard to say when the next update will be, but one thing is for sure, we are getting 22.8

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I used the spoiler cheat to work around the 20 character rule

Thanks I thought it was 10 characters


Where did you see that confirmed…


It has not been confirmed, I just think it will be

Wait and see :)

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You think.

Isn’t thinking a form of speculation


Patience. I don’t think staff even know an exact release date other than when it’s ready. I assure you they are always working their hardest and fastest. I get the excitement of updates. Newly released features, liveries, airports, planes, etc… But it will come. For now, all we can do is enjoy the greatness of this sim that we already have!


No news is sometimes… good news.

If you don’t have news about 22.8, no one does. You’ll see something in #announcements or #blog when there is.