Any New Years Striking midnight flight ideas?

Looking to start a flight that has to do something with when the clock strikes midnight. Any ideas? Im hoping for it to be exciting!

Do a flyover in New York

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Crash and say, “2023 ended on a bad note”


Go to space


@PhorzaSky go to the edge of the galaxy.

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Oh. Okay.

Just kidding.

No I’m not kidding.

Does an F22 climbing to 130,000ft count?

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No. Not at all, you have to reach the end of the atmosphere.

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Bahaha. Love the dedication.

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No lol. That’s not even low orbit

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Go to the edge of the Universe

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Go to infinity

What the… How?

It’s easy! So easy that I don’t know how to do it!

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Go butter a Ryanair 737 at London Stansted using @Butter575’s guide


I honestly have no idea. It was suppose to be a normal F22 space glitch but I ended up getting launched out of the Earth at 1266x the speed of light


@PhorzaSky i know your gonna give me the tutorial

Wait I guessed it!

O Captain my Captain

Something on my profile if you don’t know

Wait- wha- what are- what are you talking about?