Any more route suggestions?

Shown above is my flight plan for my 2 week Christmas break. Would anyone happen to have any ideas for routes I could throw in? Looking for airports whose runways are a minimum of 10,000 feet long. This has been edited numerous times from what it was originally.


You should do PANC to KSEA! It’s around 3000nm long, anywhere from 2.5 to 3 hours. You could also do PAJN to KSEA, as this way, you have BEAUTIFUL terrain for the whole flight and it’s a little shorter.


Nice flight plan by the way 👌

It appears you like heavy aircraft. You could also do PANC to (I forget the airport codes) Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, and others in almost any cargo aircraft.

I could throw in PAJN-PANC 🧐

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Hey! There’s one 😃

Yup. Love me my heavies ❤️

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Nice. PANC has a lot of cargo heavies coming in and out to a LOT of various routes.

We are in the perfect spot in the world because we are within 9 hours of 90% of the industrialized world. In IF, there’s no 3D terrain (it’s quite sad tbh), but it’s still a very nice airport to fly into and out of.

Why fly WSSS - WIHH instead of WSSS-WIII? WIHH is a secondary airport to assist the main hub WIII.

PAJN-PANC has been integrated.

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What’s wrong with flying WSSS-WIHH?

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CYYZ-OMDB or Reverse. 12 Hours Long, Beautiful Approach in Dubai and Beautiful Arrival to the Coast of Canada. Emirates A380 In real life, but A350 would be good too.

Nothing wrong actually, but it’s not realistic IMO. In real life WIHH only used for domestic and GA flights :)

I might be able to integrate that. How would you put it in though? KIAD-CYYZ, and then CYYZ-OMDB? Or, I can throw in Winnipeg.

It has to be through KIAD?

KIAD was my original endpoint.

Oh, alright. Yeah.
CYYZ-OMDB w/ AC 787 or EK A359 or A380

Go for a KIAD to VIDP in Air India. Or a KIAD to KJFK and fly from KJFK to VABB in a Delta B772 (that route is starting soon). You could also go from KIAD to KSFO and then fly the United B789 to VIDP.

Maybe go for a KSJC to EGLL in the British Airways. How about KSFO to OMDB or KLAX to OMAA? OMAA to YSSY in the Etihad A380? The possibilities are endless.

I’d do LEBL to LOWW it’s really scenic. I’ve flown it IRL and many time in IF

I beautiful and quick flight is always either NZQN-NZCH flying over two beautiful lakes in an A320 it’s probably one of the most amazing or for very tricky approach flip it around and curve between the beautiful mountains before turning one last time right on the end of the runway to grade down it.