Any Mexicana A318 routes to fly out of MMMX?

I was hoping to fly the late airline of Mexicana to stand out in this awesome FNF, does any of you know any domestic scenic routes with this gorgeous airplane?

A route I flew IRL before Mexican ceased operations was MMMX-KSAT, btw mexican used terminal 1 and if you want a really scenic route MMMX-MROC is also a good one

That’s cool! Do you know if they flew to Puerto Vallarta with the a318?

Here’s a photo of the routes. It doesn’t look like on the map here they flew into MMPR

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It was more of a high demand route they flew it mostly with the A320

MMMX-MMAA, is very good Route ;)

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Agreed it’s beautiful as you pass next to the volcanoes

Oh, I found this. Looks like MMMX to MMPR was a route

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You could also try MMMX-MMOX with the CRJ200 or 717 but im not sure if the A318 was used there. I personally think it’s way more scenic than MMPR.


I guess there isn’t anyway anymore of finding what the corresponding flight number was since it’s been a decade since they ceased operations. :(

Yeah sadly it is I however know many routes from Aeromexico Viva and Volaris if you want any suggestions

Any flights to the United States with Viva or Volaris?

MMMX-KDEN is done on a volaris A319 so is MMMX-KPHX as for viva it’s practilcally all they’re routes to the US with A320 like DFW IAH JFK LAS LAX and AUS out of MEX

Aeromexico operates 787 to LAX and JFK and one I would recommend is to TIJ which was also done with the 777 before retiring

It sounds very scarce it definitely seems that US carriers dominate that part of the market.

Well volaris and aeromexico are the ones with the biggest presence but they are done with aircraft that arent in the game but with american carriers it’s only AA PHX, LAX, DFW, MIA and CLT, DAL has the largest presence mostly flying 757’s and 767’s to LAX, DTW, ATL, MSP, JFK and SLC and finally United has the least ammount of flights with SFO, EWR, ORD, IAH and IAD

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Mexicana 123, LAX-MEX (a318, a319, a320). I know that one since I flew on a Mexicana a319 14 years ago and I still have the flight pass, hope you can use it. =)

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oh i forgot, it used to leave on gate 140 and at 2:00 pm

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That’s Awesome!

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