Any Malaysia/Singapore Pilot or IF group?

hye all… im from malaysia… searching any active group or pilot can play together and got teamspeak… please take me be a part of u…

Name : DausJalil
Grade : Grade 2 counting up
Flying Method : Airbus 330-800

facebook pls search : dausjalil (orange firework profile)

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Welcome to the community! You should be able to find a group like IFFG to join. Not sure about the Teamspeak part though…

Might want to correct this. You won’t find this in IF.

@NatIsrael972 :)

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is your guy.

He has a Singapore Airlines VA,

Selamat datang ke Infinite Flight Community

I’m from Singapore and am the founder of the newly set up Singapore Airlines VA which started a week back on 1 May…

My Grade is Tiga

Aku tak tau ini “Flying Method”… Lol

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Sort of duplicate topic. @NatIsrael972 I’m surprised you didn’t realise.

PS: I’m Singaporean, currently not on Live

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I’m surprised you think it’s duplicate…

Mine: Singaporeans/PRs
His: Malaysia/Singapore

Mai keesiao


u got group or something? please let me join…

Welcome to this Community. AFAIK, There are several Singaporeans/Malaysians here. Like For Singaporeans : @NatIsrael972 @sniperguy135 @Wei_Kang. And for Malaysian : @Samuel_Wong

Selamat datang ke Infinite Flight Community. Sejauh yang awak tahu, ada banyak sekali orang Malaysia/Singapura disini. Untuk orang Singapura contohnya @NatIsrael972 @sniperguy135 dan @Wei_Kang . Untuk orang Malaysia contohnya @Samuel_Wong

PS : I’m not a Malaysia/Singaporean. Though I’m an Indonesian. Nice to meet you by the way :D

And @Bryan_Ang lol maybe @dausjalil you should check the thread that @sniperguy135 shared… Bumiputra war 😂

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So Many Singaporeans here! (Even surpassing Malaysians/Indonesians here)

Ok lah… Singaporeans so far 4 but if you add those inactive ones it’ll be around 8

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Hey man… Welcome yo. A fellow countryman here. Welcome to the community. Aramaiti!

Hi guys…im malaysian, being a silent reader for quite some time in this forum :) flying IF since mid 2015, currently at G4 & hopefully can achieve G5 by mid 2016…start thinking to join any IF group :) nice to c u all!

As no one has created a Malaysian Airlines by any chance, I can only offer Singapore Airlines and Garuda Indonesia

Its ok…we are ASEAN anyway. Already fill up the application form for your kind approval. Thanks!

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