Any in-app purchase refunds?

So you finally got your receipt😂

They said the would refund it, but no momey back yet.
Even though it said £2.94 in the iTunes account, it let me buy the A320 (£3.99)
I don’t care because the 757 looks great on the outside anyway, and the A320 is just I fapped ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Only problem is that close to touchdown on the Autoland feature, the plane pulls up.

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It’s supposed to pull up when landing

I know that, it is just seconds before touchdown it pulls up away from the runway, gaining altitude, then it strong textslams the plane into a nose-dive into the runway.


Hello guys I’m new to infinite flight, just made my account not long ago before I posted this but anyone know what is the estimated time for the refund to come because I know that the Boeing 747 Air Force one is awesome but I am having some texture problems with it. I requested a refund but it lead me to this sight and I don’t know what to do, so if anyone please be kind and help me pls :) I’m young too so idk what to do :3

I never got my money back. But that was Apple’s fault.

I use to get refunds all the time from Apple but know they don’t give it to me and I did get one for the 757-200 as well

Try singing out of your account then logging back in it works

this is a question, do you still get to keep the aircraft? i have live+ but just wondering, they did that when i bought other apps

After you get refunded I would think you don’t get to keep the aircraft, but I have never refunded something from IF so I wouldn’t know

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You get to keep the aircraft

It vanishes after some time

Isn’t it illegal to demand a refund, then continue to use a digital product you were refunded?

I just got this problem today. So I bought a B747-200 a week ago, but today, I decided to buy SoFlo region instead. If I want a refund, what should I do?
PS : I’m an Android User

Check this out


Thanks Dush for your help ;)