Any in-app purchase refunds?

Hi everyone,

I am new here, however I have been playing Infinite Flight for years. It is incredibly realistic, with every function of the plane available. I had been using the free Boeing 717 and 737 planes. The 737 has a great cockpit, working throttle, flap, and speed brake levers in the fully animated cockpit along with nice, clear textures on the interior and the exterior. All for free.

So recently I was quite excited, and decided to buy a nice looking Boeing, in this case the 757-200.
But frankly, the plane was really appalling, lacking details that feature in the free planes, for example:

Animated flap, speed break, and throttle levers in the cockpit
HD Textures (the 757 cockpit is very bad)
A decently sized yoke (the one in the 757 is tiny)
Animated spoilers on the wings

In all honesty, there is no value for money at all in this plane. I am pretty annoyed. If possible, can anyone please:

Tell me how to get my money back
Swap the plane for a Boeing 777-200ER

I really think that there should at least be a 3D preview of the model before you buy it.
Please reply soon.

  • N4Cer

P.S. I really like Infinite Flight, all the graphics, functions, etc but the 757 really has disappointed me.

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You can request one from Apple, from your receipt when you get it.

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Wow… Thanks lol sorry for the long post

The 757-200 is actually an older aircraft in IF terms. What I find surprising is that it was released at the same time as the astonishingly beautiful 717-200. I think it’s due for an overhaul. You may want to make a topic in the features category if you want to do this. Could be interesting to see.


I’ve requested refunds many times and they give it to you without hesitation, should be no problem:)


Cool, thanks everyone! I don’t think I have ever used a forum with this fast support replies, and the website is very fast. Very happy and impressed, now I just need to wait for that dang Apple receipt to come in the email xD


Welcome to the community:)

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Welcome! @N4Cer

From my own perspective, I would recommend Live +, which will give you acess to ALL airplanes and regions, and 12 months of the “Live” Mode. It is a bit costly, 49,99$.

Otherwise if you wish not to purchase it, I highly recommend the Airbus A320, the newest aircraft in Infinite Flight!



I understand what you mean. It is hard for me to acknowledge it though because I love the 757 so much in real life

Haha I wish bro but too costly for something I am not a full pro at yet :)

Dang, the Apple receipt has not come in the e-mail yet, any ideas? :( @Carson

Just wait. It’ll be emailed to you soon.

You usually have to wait a couple days :-) I’ve waited up to a week in the past. Don’t worry, you will still have refund time. The 777s, 747s and brand new A320 just coming out are the newer airliners.

Honestly the 757 has some of the nicest Liveries in the game. It’s a really nice plane anyway. Even though the cockpit is not accurate it is still nice. And it is very accurate on the outside

I haven’t gotten the a320 yet. Anyone know why??

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Yea could take a few days

Some call the 757 & a few others Hanger Queens! Caveat Emptor! Max Sends

The refund process has begun, still waiting.
I love the look of the 757 on the outside, it looks so great (and badass)
I a, going to buy the A320 for sure, I love it.

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