Any IFC tips to make better experience?

Hey everybody!

Are there any IFC tips that you know that will make it more easy to use?

Welcome to the IFC!

Hello! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. Please have a browse through the links and information you can find in the topic below. These are guides that will help flourish your experience here. There is also information created by the community and moderators that will help you understand how this forum works.

Infinite Flight Tutorial Guides

The two guides below are for both the Pilot and Air Traffic Controller (ATC). They will link you to specific information for each role. These tutorials were created by FDS staff members; Mark our Pilot Community Manager, and Tyler our ATC Community Manager.

Pilot Tutorial Guide

ATC Tutorial Guide


I do not quite need a guide
Just looking for the little things that could make using the IFC more easy

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Is there something in particular…?

Hey @Flight2,

Post more and more good content that is beneficial for the community. If it is good and you get more and more likes, you will be motivated.

Cheers !

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Not everything is about likes. Likes won’t get you fame, they won’t make you a celebrity, they won’t make you a pop star. It’s the internet, not Hollywood. It’s an on-screen heart button that people click, not a million dollar check.


Not really, just a few tricks maybe

I would recommend making the IFC a quick tab, if you are on iOS so you don’t have to look it up on google or safari, this makes it way more accessible if you just want to take a quick look at notifications or something like that


Well, perhaps organize things with notification settings, bookmarks, etc.

Really just comes down to personal preference.


Please read the full sentence. I am saying it will keep you motivated

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re going to rely on likes to keep you motivated, you need to put your priorities straight. Relying on likes for the sake of motivation shouldn’t be the reason that you’re motivated.

@FLIGHT2, just keep doing whaf you are doing. Help others, be kind, and have fun. No need to stress out; after all, it’s just an online forum. If you ever feel uncomfortable, take a deep breath, think, and do what is best for you. Take it easy.


We community members are responsible for each others experience, be respectful, don’t go off-topic and many other small things that make experience better for each other on the IFC.


Make sure to check out the following topics:

Especially the last one is on spot on what you are thinking.


Or the DiscourseHub app! You get notifications too.

which reminds me I should download that since I have about 300 tabs of the IFC open

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Just remember that this is just a game. JUST a game people!

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