Any ideas?

So, I have reached that point where I just have no clue where to fly. I love flying the 757, I don’t think I’ve flown anything other than that (except the 772) since the rework came out. So I’m trying to find cool routes for the 752. Any ideas?

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Hey mate,

Check out some of these cool topics linked below:

Hope this helps you out mate!


Cheers for that!


No worries mate, glad I could help!


hmmmm maybe Bogotá - Atlanta w/ Delta livery. Or Los Angeles - Keflavik w/ Icelandair livery.

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Idk where I got the idea from but last night I did sydney to Honolulu in a 757 😂

EWR-NCE —> 4001 Miles

BRO we’re you controlling YSSY yesterday?

Training server

Yes. I’m very likely to always be controlling at Sydney. I tend to base the operations off real life operations. —> Not the average IF user just a real simulator guy from VATSIM a professional network :)

This network —> VATSIM l I use has professional atc and pilots so when I do atc on infinite flight I try my best with the options provided

I did MMMX to KLAX Delta livery, really nice scenery and a challenging takeoff or landing (the other way) at Mex because of high altitude.

i love mountains lmao.

Do you remember an aircraft with the callsign “N757LF”?

That was my flight from YSSY to Honolulu 😂

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