Any ideas what the new A-10 and B737 features could be?

Good day Pilots,

Today I would like to discuss what new features the 2 reworked Aircrafts will get.
For the 737 I think it is going to be stairs. An example is Ryanair because some of you know that they get those stairs put in every Aircraft so that they can speed up deboaring and boarding. A new engine sound?
What do you guys think?
I don‘t really have an idea what the reworked A-10 will get. Do you have any ideas?
Let me know ;)

Pilot M

This is all just speculation, but for the 737 I think there will be split scimitars.

The issue with this is, where will the stairs come from? Not from a terminal at any rate.

Not sure I can see this happening


I’m thinking with the 737 rework, we’ll probably see wing flex and split scimitars. I’m hoping for interior views as well but not counting on it just yet

Time will tell. Keep an eye out on IF’s media platforms and #announcements for news!