Any ideas | Overheating device.

Hello Infinite Flight community,

It has came to my attention that my phone heats up after I start to takeoff, and this have been happening to me mostly all the time. Do you have any advice, or setting controls to cut off to help it not overheat.

Troubleshooting I tried…

  1. Restarted my phone.
  2. Close out all background apps.
  3. Cut down my brightness.
  4. Deleted the app and reinstalled it.

What should I do because sometimes I get scared to put my phone on charged on long haul flights because I’m scared it’s going to start a fire and burn down my house…don’t judge me I be paranoid. 😂

  1. What iPhone model are you using exactly?
  2. What are your graphic settings?
  3. Does it happen regularly (with other apps as well, or on a daily basis when using it normally) or only when using Infinite Flight?

Also, please move this to #support


Please do what marc said above, plus also check if limit frame rate is on.

If you have anything older than iPhone 8 then I do understand that it is heating a bit as my iPhone XS do heat up while playing if.

Also do you have any problems with lag?

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Also make sure you don’t charge the phone while you fly or taxi. And go to settings and put low power mode to saver the battery life. Lower battery lower heat.

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@Marc has gave advice and now people, can we please wait for the OP’s response


This overheating business started when that new update with the replay came out my phone wouldn’t even flinch now it does get hot but still runs smooth with max everything 👊🏻 But I know what you mean. I’d like to know what went into that update.

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Umm basically it happens because of the traffic. If u observe it properly,ull see it overheats when u take off or land. This is because IF is loading/rendering (idk the proper word) all the aircrafts and their liveries around u. This causes the system a lot of stress and hence it overheats

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This might sound weird but besides adjusting the graphics settings (limit frame rate and anti-aliasing off), I sometimes like to use an ice-pack on and off xD or leave the phone close to a window so the cool glass can help keep the phone at room temparature on long haul flights as I sleep xD xD xD worth a try!

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Yup totally. I dip my phone in cool water or even hold it under the tap after landing a long haul lol


I also experienced this issue. I just put my phone on a rack and the the fan cool my phone down.

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For my phone, I generally turn on the in-game battery saver mode. I turn it on, (especially for long hauls), because it stops my phone from heating up while charging in flight.


Thank you for telling me this! And sorry first the late reply.

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  1. I currently have a IPhone 6.

  2. My rendering quality is ludicrous, and my texture quality is high, and my anti aliasing is currently off, and lastly my limit frame rate is checked.

  3. It stop over heating for a couple of flights after I deleted the app and reinstalled it.

Ps. Sorry for the late reply.

It’s probably a glitch or something that’s making the phones heat up. Or it might just be with the older phones of some sort.

But I feel ya!

My rendering quality is ludicrous and my texture quality is high, and my anti aliasing is currently off, and lastly my limit frame rate is checked.

I have an iPhone 6s and the max I can use is:

  • Best Renderings Quality
  • High Texture Quality
  • Anti Aliasing On
  • Limit Frame Rate Checked
  • Airplane Count Very High

Generally I have rendering quality on Good, and my device runs better then yours. You need to lower your settings.

Low the graphic and turn off anti aliasing. Btw what phone did you using?

Yea sometimes is because (before that you have been using your phone a lot and low battery is other apps like If assistant etc)