Any ideas for flying near big mountains?

Innsbruck is a good one.

VNPK is a nice challenge too, worth trying with the TBM… evenrthough I landed there IRL in an ATR42!

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What about PARO?

Unfortunately, as VILH is mostly a military airport, there is no approach plate available for that airport. For commercial aircraft, while approaching from VIDP, pilots fly above the airport and make a left downwind to RWY 07. For more information on how to land a plane in VILH, please refer to this website

Glacier National Park in Montana, USA is a great place! Spawn into KGPI and fly north. You’ll get views like this:

Juneau has the best scenery in Alaska @ViperSlam This is my opinion XD

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That’s true, but for now.
Hopefully one day, the 60th north parallel will have the correct topography and we’ll be able to see Mt. McKinley(tallest mountain in North America). Anchorage(PANC) is surrounded by mountains and it would be really cool to see the mountains and glaciers there.

Innsbruck is one of my favourite. Very challenging approach (LOWI)

Please do not request or share licensed charts on this forum. You need a Navigraph subscription if you want those charts.

Definitely check out Queenstown! Amazing approach and departure right through snow capped mountains. NZQN.

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Sarajevo approach has you flying over mountains too. However the airport only has one or two taxiways, so you need to come in slow if you want to make it onto those taxiways.

Or backtrack, which is the safer alternative.

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