Any ideas for flying near big mountains?

Hello IFC community. I was wondering if anyone knows any routes that go through very big mountains. I really like to see big mountains and sometimes I get good screenshots. It can be something similar to thisimages


You want to go through them?


I’d suggest:

  • Juneau, Alaska (PAJN)

  • British Columbia (between Vancouver and Calgary is good), Canada

  • Lukla, or Kathmandu, Nepal (VNLK, VNKT)

  • Innsbruck, Austria (LOWI)


Yes that’s the one!


Always is…

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Thanks for the ideas 😃

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Yeah like over it

If you want an approach near mountains, try Quito! One of my favorite approaches by far.

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Alaska, Alaska, Alaska, and Alaska. Did I mention Alaska? Oh! I forgot about Alaska.

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Alaska, specifically the Juneau(PAJN) area, is the perfect place to fly to if your looking for big and beautiful mountains. The scenery there is gorgeous and somewhat magical! Not only does it have large mountain ranges with snow, but it’s crystal clear water complements the region too.

Shameless Alaskan plugs

You can go to Lake Tahoe, CA. They filmed the new top gun movie there and they were flying through the mountains in an F-18 or 14?

If you want a very scenic approach with a challenging approach try VQPR, Paro Airport in Bhutan!

ZRH-MXP is fantastic, as is everything departing GVA to the east!

I’m surprised only one person mentionned the Ice Cream on top… Literally, Lukla, with it’s mountainous approach and a nice view of everest. (VNLK)

Just continue flying like normal and make one thicc turn on full power once you almost hit it


LIML and LIMC have mountains nearby, makes for a beautiful departure if you’re going north.

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Fly PANC to PAJN or PAJN to KSEA or vice versa. BEAUTIFUL mountains. Also, pretty much just the whole west side of Canada has gorgeous mountains.

Fly into VILH (Leh). It is one of the highest airports in the world and only selected pilots are allowed to land there. You cannot file your own flight plan over there but you need to follow a real world procedure through the mountains . It’s not an airport at which you will land at the first attempt.

Suggest route

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Santiago Chile - Lima Peru is a good route as well. You’ll be flying around the Andes for most of the flight.

Prefiero lukla y katmandu. Hermoso lugar

Fly to Samedan! The approach is beautiful!

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