Any ideas for a PC or all in one under 1000.00 that meets the requirements?So that I can use Infinite Flight properly?

Hey guys I contacted Dell to get help understanding what they would suggest for a gaming All in One PC. I thought this would be helpful for setting up a basic Flight Sim under a Grand.

I saw the Alienware and really have no clue about tech. It was 500.00 I’m guessing it’s a CPU?? I don’t want the basic basic that lags i want to buy a decent computer that infinite flight runs good on. There’s too many types of cpu’s screens laptops its overwhelming.

They suggested an all in one for 1160.00 plenty of usb ports it’s got VR which I doubt I need. 28in screen. I’m thinking of buying a cheap 4k TV 40inch for 350 -400 if i can build something that works good with a 40inch tv and can handle Infinitie Flight.

I’m financing this so i don’t mind spending 1500 on a computer if i have to, I’d rather just buy it right the first time and get on with everything. I’ve taken in the cost of yokes Rutters and throttle. That’d not giving me a hard time, the computer part is.

If anyone knows what id need id appreciate it. Thank you

This is forum related to Infinite Flight, not gaming PC’s.