Any idea on what sort of things you revise for before applying for IFATC

I really want to become IFATC one day, but I don’t know exactly what things that you revise for in the written and practical tests.

Watch the tutorials for tower and ground in the #tutorials category. Good luck!

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Focus only on Tower and Ground for now.

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You definitely should be very familiar with pattern control. This is what the most questions in the written test are about. Don‘t leave the other things out though, for example transition or ground control.


I thought you had to do approach and departure as well

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I think you can do this after you are an IFATC

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That is actually excellent advice!

So if the practical test is about multiple aircraft doing traffic patterns, is the written test going to be about that too?

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Practice Tower and Ground control. Those will be what you’re assessed on to become a member of IFATC.

The ATC Manual and Tutorials are extremely useful!

Edit: @Bill_Jones asked if the written test will be about traffic patterns. The writer test incorporates multiple aspects of Tower and Ground control. It may include pattern usage, but also much more! Simply focusing on both Tower and Ground control techniques (honed using the above manual and video tutorials, time, and practice will ensure you fly through that written test).

Good luck!



I’m revising right now by watching Official Infinite Flight ATC

That comes later if you want to start training to be an officer ranked controller but you must have stayed in IFATC for some time before you can apply.

I have nothing to say about whst to revise. However, what I will say, is follow your dreams and go for it!

Might apply on Thursday or Friday

Nice to hear you’re having interest in ATC! Make sure to check out this post to make sure you meet all requirements. :)
If you meet all the requirements, you can contact a recruiter and take your written test. Make sure you’ve seen the tutorials on YouTube beforehand, you know all the stuff necessary.

If you pass the written test with 65% or more, you should contact a trainer to prepare for your practical test. They’ll help you get a hang of all the commands and instructions, so you can pass the practical test.

I look forward to (hopefully) see you on the team one day, and welcome you aboard!

I’m grade 4, with over 800 operations, and no ghosts

The biggest tip I can give you (and I say this to everyone) is DON’T RUSH.

I know it’s exciting what not, but if you rush, and don’t revise, you’ll fail.

Be sure to know everything, and more. The more you know, the better you’ll do. Keep practising, and be sure to get yourself a trainer after the written test, no matter what score you got.

My biggest advise is to contact a trainer before your practical no matter what. I took the practical first thinking I already knew anything, then found myself not passing. Now I’m working with a trainer and I finally feel confident in my knowledge and feel ready to take the test again. And hopefully pass this time

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