Any helpful Apps I could use to Record IF on a Apple Ipad Mini 4 or greater?

I am trying to come up with a way of recording videos on Infinite Flight and live streaming them on Youtube. Do any of you have any ideas or suggestions on what apps are out there in the apple store? If so, please reply to this message. I would appricate it.

Hey! I’ve heard Omlet Arcade is a good application.

I had some problems with it though. For example, it would keep stopping the stream becuase of a popup that would say failure to record becuase of an attempted session. Thanks for the idea though.

If your having problems with the application we can’t help you here as Infinite Flight does not affiliate with them. Contact their support below for more.

Ok, thank you for replying.

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Try Streamlabs

what does that mean?

Guys, please read the topic description before jumping into saying to use the basic Apple one. The topic says they want one they can live stream with, not record only.

Thanks. 💛

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