Any help on creating a crew center?

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows how to create a crew center? I am in the process of developing my virtual airline and is there other ways to make my chances of approval higher. Please check out my website and please PM me for feedback on improvments.

You are a basic user, which doesn’t permit you to create a VA…

ok but the thing is im trying to get to TL2 but I’m trying to create my VA, so when I reach TL2, I can apply again

🎵 It’s everything you ever want… It’s everything you’ll ever need… And it’s here right in front of you… 🎶


Thank you so much but im not very good at coding so i might still struggle

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Practice makes perfect, nobody is good at something that first time

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Ok cheers!!

I’ve outlined everything as simply as I can. If you follow the instructions you should be fine. If you have any issues though my inbox is always open.

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Please see linked posts above. Please make sure you are referencing for more information on your VA