Any hard airliner approaches?

I know, I know this question was asked a lot of times, but as you maybe know I started a video Series about hard approaches, and I just realized I don’t even know too many. So I wondered if you could maybe help me with finding some. I am aware of airports like Queenstown, Hong Kong, Innsbruck, Paro and those popular approaches. What I am looking for is an hard approach that isn’t known too much. It can be also/or a really stunning approach. I am glad about your suggestions. (I prefer airliner approaches) Thanks!


London Cities steep approach, and DCA is kind of hard, just follow the river it’s a lot of turning.

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There’s Chorchevel in France (LFLJ)

Know those already… but thanks for helping

Yeah but I am more looking for airliner approaches

Aspen in Colorado (KASE) or Juneau in Alaska (PAJN) - approaches both surrounded by mountains

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LGA freeway visual, JFK very short final 13L

Know this too, but will consider it. Thanks! I found Leh Airport in India, which is a type of airport that I am looking for: not too popular but scenic and hard

Kalispell (KGPI) has a kinda interesting approach for 20, not too difficult tho. A very nice scenic route is from Chicago with an American 738 :)

MHTG is a good one :)

The JFK one is new to me! Visuals like LGA or DCA are just pretty boring in IF imo, because you can barely see the visual reference

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Actually that was the first episode of my series ;)

LFKC (Calvi) approach to 36 is very challenging - you fly the ILS 18 approach then break off and do a circle to land where you come very close to mountains.

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Will look that up! Never heard of it before. Thanks for recommending

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Thanks I will consider that one too!

Podgorica, Split RWY 23 and Ajaccio RWY 20 are really nice and challenging as well!

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Will check them out too! Thanks

KMDW in general, some steep turns and short finals.

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Did you check SEQM?

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Yep made a few approaches there too. For some reason I find this place so fascinating and surreal