Any groups I can join

Just wondering if I could join a group, I joined with iFEP but can’t manage to get a reply or conversation with any of them

There are a few only… One would be the A.C.E.S Crew and quite a few VAs, I’m currently in Qantas VA (which I recommend…) But there are also a few like JAL, Delta and American

Qantas sounds alright since I am an Aussie haha how do I go about joining,

What do you mean? I sent you a PM Welcoming you and explaining how it all works! I also invited you to our Group Communications PM!
Who have you not had a response from?
I will look into it!
You only joined yesterday, so any messages you have sent may not have been seen if people are in Different Timezones and therefore working or sleeping e.t.c
Thanks ;)


Probably, you dont have enough trust to send PM’s

@qf737400…i’m always around…so feel free to hit me up and or to go flying whenever…

@BBJMAX He wants to join ifep

Who are you talking about?
Thanks! ;)

The guy who made the topic @qf737400

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Oh It’s sorted now! Thanks! :)

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Hey thanks Omari, excuse the arrogance in my post was having one of those days😁😃😃😃


yea jackson…we all do sometimes…no worries