Any good way to learn how to fly on Infinite Flight?

Hello all! I’m glad to be back on Infinite Flight! Anyways, can you guys give me any recommendations on how to learn to fly in Infinite Flight? Thanks!


The user guide is a great resource!
And you can find it and more things here!

And welcome back :D


The user guide can only take you so far in the end it’s all practice practice practice. I have over 4000 landing in IF but every single time bounce the spitfire…

It’s a journey practice makes perfect ✌️There is no one way to learn to fly. Everyone’s journey is different.

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Welcome back to the forums!

Other than the User Guide, the Infinite Flight YouTube channel has many great video tutorials to aid you in flying and controlling;

Another great place to learn is #ground-school:community-tutorials. This category consists of many helpful tutorials, created by community members like you to make your IF experience better!

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Hello Ibrahim! Welcome back to the community fourm!

The Infinite Flight team has made their user guide to navigate you through Infinite Flight and you through things you might not be sure about!

They also a youtube channel where they post great tutorials and videos about Infinite Flight!

Once again welcome back! Stay safe and healthy! Cya on he Infinite Flight skies soon :)

Happy flying!

My group posts tips as well, daily, if you want to check that out. :)


Hello, welcome back to the forum, @Ibrahim_Rafique!

I see you’ve received a lot of good recommendations on how to get started, but I felt that I should dig in a bit deeper on how you can prepare for your next flight, and hopefully, get back to grade 3 and on the expert server in no time!

Most have linked the user guide, but as you are looking directly for help when flying, I’d highly recommend that you check out our fantastic flying guide that can be found here :

Not to mention, we also have a really good variety of tutorials, both Air Traffic Control, and flying guide videos here :

The flying guide I’ve linked covers Air Traffic Control and how to communicate with it, as well as nearly every possible detail you’ll need from the second you spawn in to the second you spawn out.

There is many extra navigational tips, videos, and graphs/pictures to make sure that you are well aware of your capabilities in Infinite Flight, so have fun with it, I hope to see you flying around expert soon enough!

every single time bounce the spitfire…

Story of my life, no matter how many times I’ve tried I CANNOT land the Spitfire

You can educate yourself on basic flight rules on the tutorials. And past that believe it or not, VAs can be a good way to go to learn more because they often have virtual academies/Universities that are built to educate new pilots.

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spitfire: hope this, maybe, helps: 1)make sure you’re established on stabilized approach at the right airspeed, 2)fly the velocity vector to hold it gently off the ground as airspeed bleeds off (and the vector pointed to the end of the runway for crosswind in particular), until you touch down on the main wheels at an angle that puts your tailwheel down at the same time (3 point landing), 3)hold back pressure to give steering authority to the tail wheel (should help with keeping it in control - if the tail comes up some, at too low an airspeed you’ll lose rudder authority)…and practice many, many times, short final, in solo mode, limiting crosswind to maybe 5kts…someone else might mention ailerons into the crosswind

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