Any good spotting locations at KICT?

Hello, I am probably going to do some spotting today or tomorrow and I am wondering if there are any good locations to spot at? I’ve looked far and wide to find something and I cannot find anything. Hope to hear something back.

Not trying to be rude, but as KCID isn’t a big airport, I don’t think that most community members would know much about it. Sorry, and have fun spotting!!

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I think This is worth a check:

Good luck on your search, and be sure to share your pictures!

Edit: @RTG113 Kansas City International Airport’s code is MCI. Not sure if KCIT is a spelling error though, as it doesn’t exist.


The link you shared is for MCI, not CIT.


I’m just looking up the airport Kilo-Charlie-India-Tango on ForeFlight, and I’m noticing that it doesn’t exist. Is it possible it’s a typo?

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My bad! I’ll keep looking!

Is this airport supposed to be KPIT? Because KCIT doesn’t exist.

Its either Kansas City International or A spelling error.

Sorry it is KICT my bad.

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There should be a Home Depot by the airport, that is a good place to start if they are landing on 19R/19L.

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Lol, if you wanna spot at CID go under the approach path to runway 27 there’s a dirt road right in front of the runway, you can see the ILS box and everything, it’s pretty cool

Sorry that was off topic and necroposting

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