Any Good / scenic routes to do?

Lately I have been struggling to get route ideas. I would like something that is medium to long haul but I’m open to hear your short haul suggestions too! And scenic as I am making YouTube videos out of these! Here are a few routes I have planned;

SAS a350 - Copenhagen to Chicago
KLM 747- Mexico city to Amsterdam
Qantas 747- LA to Sydney
Aer Lingus- Heathrow to Dublin
and finally- SAA a340- Johannesburg to London Heathrow

Thank you!

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I’d personally definitely recommend Sydney to Queenstown!
It’s a beautiful 3ish hour flight that comes with everything you could imagine; stunning terrain, stunning airports & the stunning A320 or 737 etc etc.

Here’s a video of an approach into Queenstown to provide some perspective;


I would recommend Calgary to Vancouver. You pass over the beautiful Canadian Rockies, and if you fly over at sunrise/sunset, the shots that you can get are stunning. You should use the Westjet 737-800, Air Canada A319 or 767-300ER.


With flying to Innsbruck Airport (LOWI) you will never do something wrong. I‘d recommend Vienna (LOWW) or Frankfurt (EDDF) to Innsbruck in the Dash 8 Q400.


Try flying in the Himalayas. Taplejung-Lukla. Both two locations are stunning and challenging airports but guarantees amazing scenery and amazing terrain. Try it yourself! It is definitely rewarding. Both airports are perched on a mountain. Enjoy and good luck. ;)

Anchorage or Seattle to Juneau is definitely amazing. Pretty much anything near Juneau or Anchorage is beautiful. Or Homer.

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I recommend DTNH - EDDT. You go over the Italian coast and the Swiss alps. I just saw you going into O’Hare from Copenhagen btw.


ANC-ADQ I’m doing that right now

Seattle (KSEA) to Juneau (PAJN) is my favorite airliner route, super scenic views of mountains and rivers.

Katmandu (VNKT) to Paro (VQPR) is another good one, great views of the Himalayas and a difficult approach as well.

Some other scenic places are Iskut (CBU2), Mountain Air (2NC0), Snettisham (7AK2) and Aspen (KASE) are great places for both GA flying, as well as airliner routes.

And welcome to the community as well, @InfinitePlanes! Just go ahead and reply to me, or anyone if you need anything else at all.

NCRG(Rarotonga, Cook Islands) to YSSY(Sydney). Nice scenic route, over flies many of the islands on the South Pacific. The route takes you due west before turning Southwest just south of Fiji.
Air Nz 787-9

LIMC(Malpensa Milan) to LSZH(Zurich). This flight, as short as it is, is done entirely over the alps. Not bad for a flight between two bravos.
Swiss A319

NZCH(Christchurch, NZ) to NZQN(Queenstown, NZ). Fly parallel the Southern Alps before beginning a breathtaking approach into NZQN. Runway choice is yours. The scenery is nice on the 05 approach but for some more drama, the 23 approach guarantees that.
Air Nz A320
Qantas(in lieu of Jetconnect) 737-800

HAAB(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) to HTKJ(Kilimanjaro, TZ). Depart from Addis, over some breathtaking scenery en route, cutting through Kenya following the Rift Valley, over Lake Turkana, Mount Kenya on your left hand side, before beginning your descent on 10000ft of runway shy of the slopes of Africa’s highest mountain.

Ethiopian A350-900, 787-8, 777-200LR

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Here’s an interesting one:

Mogadishu to Djibouti with the Turkish 737. Nice desert views and an optional stopover to Istanbul!

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Just saying but you should try Anchorage to Juneau

A/C i recommend: Alaska A320 or 737-800

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