Any good routes to fly out of India?

Do you know of any good routes to fly that depart from somewhere in India?

I would suggest looking at these 2 topics.

My personal favorite route out of India is VOMM-KSFO.


Try out Air India’s new Hyderabad to Chicago or Bangalore to San Francisco flights on the 777-200LR.

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Air India 77W from Mumbai To London Heathrow as one!

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VIDP-KSFO United B789/Air India B77L
VOBL-KSFO United B789/Air India B77L
VABB-VIDP Air India A321
VOMM-VOBL SpiceJet Dash 8
VOBL-VABB Jet Airways B739


Mumbai to Frankfurt in the Delta A330. Cargo only.

I’d suggest Port Blair to Chennai, using the Jet Airways 737-900.

Instead of giving random flights

I think we can get all the real flights


Delhi - Mumbai
Delhi - Chennai
Delhi - Ahmedabad
Delhi - Bengaluru
Delhi - Kolkata
Delhi - Hyderabad
Delhi - Chicago
Delhi - San Francisco
Delhi - Newark
Delhi - Toronto
Delhi - Vancouver
Delhi - New York JFK
Bengaluru - Tokyo
Bengaluru - Munich
Bengaluru - Paris
Bengaluru - San Francisco
Bengaluru - Seattle
Bengaluru - London
Bengaluru - Seoul
Bengaluru - Tel Aviv
Mumbai - Dubai
Mumbai - New York JFK
Mumbai - Newark
Mumbai - Frankfurt
Mumbai - Abu Dhabi
Mumbai - Doha
Mumbai - Singapore
Mumbai - Toronto
Hyderabad - Chicago
Hyderabad - Hong Kong
Hyderabad - Bangkok
Hyderabad - Jeddah
Hyderabad - Kuwait
Amritsar - Birmingham


Some flights may not be shown on FR24 necessarily.

good point

however there is a button that says “Show All Flights” on the airport route section :D

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Sometimes you can’t find previously run (specifically repatriation and cargo flights). Then it makes sense to either use flightaware or find articles of the route being run as such. That’s how I found out about the Tel Aviv - Bengaluru flight & the Seoul - Bengaluru one as well (both were cargo during covid).

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Here’s a few suggestions:

Air India A321 Delhi to Kathmandu
TUI 787-8 Goa to London Gatwick
Indigo A320 Cochin to Male

Interesting, I have to fly this one. Who operates it?


This is Air India operated, I believe it’s the 787-8 for this

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If you were looking for a shorter route then I suggest going for:
India to Bangladesh!
You have the choice to go from either Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai to Dhaka!
☺️Hope this helps

Personally, VOBL-EHAM is nice, or any FlyDubai route from India to Dubai if you’re looking for something shorter.

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