Any good routes for the a330

Hi I am WTY I love the a330 but I rarely have any routes for it could the community possible post some for me to help because I want to fly it but I never have the chance because I don’t know what routes to fly thanks.

Hey, have a look through this list of suggested routes and see if you find any A330 routes of interest!

I will look thanks @Declan_O

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Just to add onto Declan here… FPLtoIF has a great feature that picks a random route for you. Check it out below. You are able to select what aircraft you want to fly (in this case, the A330) and/or what airports you would like to fly in/out of. Currently there are thousands of random flights the system chooses from!


Thanks for the help @Brandon_K

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One route you can do is LAX-Moscow in an Aeroflot a330-300. They use to fly the 777-300er, but that was swapped for some odd reason.
A second route option is JFK-LAX delta (sometimes we get a 767-300/400 or a330 on some lucky times).

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Ok thanks @AXEL_GAMING

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