Any good long-haul flights that I can sleep through?

YYZ-HND should take about 12-13 hours, plenty of time for a nice nap or fly overnight to get some sleep and land in the morning. I’d fly the Air Canada 787-9 or 777-300ER.

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Egll-faor …9hrs 30m ,84 fl360 a330/50 777.300er

First of all welcome to the community, hope you will have a great time around here :D Basically every major airport has to offer some long hauls, there are thousands of possible flights… I would recommend you Just choose any airport and you can see all routes from this airport. If you’re interested in having active ATC and some other pilots around you I would recommend you to check out the first pinned Message in the forum, it shows an ATC schedule for every day. It’s very likely (but not guaranteed) you will have active ATC over there. Then just check out one of the featured airports on and choose a route you like.

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KSDF-OMDB is a nice long one. And KATL-FAOR

LAX-SIN Singapore Airlines A359
SIN-ZRH Singapore Airlines A388/Swiss B77W
DXB-SYD Emirates/Qantas A388

And many more…

Hope this helps ! ;)

Here are some I recommend:

ZYTX-KLAX China Southern A330-300
LFPG-WSSS Singapore B77W / Air France B77W
RJBB-EDDM Lufthansa A350-900
VRMM-LEMD Iberia A330-300
KIAD-RJTT United B772 / All Nippon B77W

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Try Boston to Athens on the Delta A330. Should be a fun 9 hour flight.

SFO-HKG (UA869), United 777-300ER Evo Blue
aprox 14-15 hours depending on winds
DFW-HKG (AA124), American 777-300ER
aprox 16 hours
JFK-TPE (BR23), Eva Air 777-300ER
aprox 14-15 hours
IST-SFO (TK78), Turkish Airlines 777-300ER
aprox 13.5 hours
MUC-SFO (LH468), Lufthansa A350-900
aprox 11 hours
MUC-SAN (LH480), Lufthansa A350-900
aprox 11.5 hours

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MUC-SAN is a fun one

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I would recommend OTHH-KBOS (13-14hrs), EGLL-WSSS (idk), EFHK-WSSS (11:30-13 depending on route and winds) and EFHK-KLAX (11-12hrs depending on winds)

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Helsinki to Seoul will be a long one since they fly at the top of the world around Russia. Probably about 12 - 14 hours or around 12000nm.

Lots of SFO flights, you get my Seal of Approval

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Sydney to Dallas. Depart at 5PM and arrive at 9AM the next day!

I will be at school the next day, so I will take off to 0:00 and set up a route to arrive from 6:00 to 8:00.
Recommended is
The first three are boring because the sea continues, but the others have beautiful scenery.
However, I don’t mind because I
I’m sorry that the area is scattered

lax to dxb is a classic. Anything over 11 hours i would estimate

QTR779 OTTH to SBGR - 77W


Seattle to Mexico City? No way you can sleep through that it’s like 4 hours.

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Dublin - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Aer Lingus A330 :)

Emirates 262 OMDB to SBGR - A388

It was about 6 hours and 30 minutes when I went.
The weather and cruising speed may be involved.
By the way, there was a headwind at my time.
I will also refer to 4 hours. Thank you very much.