Any good IF stories?

I’ve got my hot chocolate, the fire is burning and I’m in my bed ready for some cool IF stories!! I’ll be happy to hear sad ones, funny ones, weird ones, all kinds!

Tell your story, I’m listening!

Stalled an A380 at FNF.


Don’t tell me I’m the only one that has the fire burning during the summer.

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lol thats so embarrising when that happens. has happened to me aswell

inside or outside?

Usually inside.

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I live in a tropical climate and even in winter we dont need fireplaces

It get’s cold in the evening where I live

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I went to Thailand for 2 weeks during the summer, and it’s REALLY hot.

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its 29 degrees celcius and its winter here!!!

lol, it must not be easy

This was 1 month ago where I I was on short final, a flight from Hong Kong to New York, using the Cathay B777-300ER. Everything was going good, and I heard the GPWS callout 10, and then I never heard the gear touch the ground, and that is when I realized I had not deployed the gear, and flew 16 Hours for nothing… It was sooo fun :)

That is the worst, same thing happened to me in CS after an 4 hour flight.

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I’m reading through this topic, and it seems that this would be a better suited conversation for here:

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