Any good idea for a 4 hr A350 flight?

I really need to shorten up my flights to 4 hours because of my battery and my Id*ot brother who always quit the flight sim while I am sleeping.

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This post below has some great resources to find the flight for you! 😁


Ok, thanks I gone to the but I don’t know how creating a flight plan there works. I think I’ll stick to Flight plan database and fuelplanner.

A 4 hour flight I like the flight is JFK to St. Thomas delta A350

Thanks @Ethan_Brown

It can’t go as short as 2 1/2 hours if you’re flying pretty fast at 36,000 feet

LFPG-HECA or the other way round Air France A350 is a nice route too

Singapore to Hong Kong is serviced by an SQ A359, and the flight time is around 3:45 hours.

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your pfp makes it funnier

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Moscow - Heathrow with Aeroflot is a nice flight

Singapore to Kolkata is serviced by an A350 as well, probably around 4 hours or so.

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Thanks and welcome to the community!

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Brisbane to Sydney or Melbourne in Oz is a nice route. 🙂

China Airlines A350 YBBN-NZAA

Cathay Pacific HKG-SIN

Ethiopian Airlines ADD-DXB

Air France ABJ-BKO

Iberia MAD-LHR

Singapore SIN-BOM

Dubai (OMDB) to maledives (VRMM) is a nice route with a really beautiful approach

Well, all you said is helpful but I don’t have a subscription anymore. I will just save this so in the future if I snitch my mom’s credit card I can buy a subscription again

Uk to Egypt or Canary islands is a good route. if you are going to Egypt you can often see the outstanding mountain border. If you don’t have a subscription the longest flight you have is about two hours, which is down the west coast of USA

KJFK-KSEA is a good flight, closer to 5 hours though. Or KDTW-KSEA, KMSP and KATL would work going up to KSEA, great scenery crossing the country from KATL.

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