Any good Gemini Jet stores in Wichita, KS?

I am going to Wichita Kansas this weekend and was planning on buying a Gemini jet down there does anyone know of any good stores to go to?

Why don’t you search? D:

We aren’t Google, nor should we Google for you.

Don’t take advantage of this community.


If you go to the GeminiJets website, you’ll find a section where you can search for retailers that sell GeminiJets products.

Here’s the link for Kansas retailers. It seems like there’s only one retailer with GeminiJets available.

As others have said, please use Google when asking questions like this - thank you.


I live near Wichita! maybe come on down to KSLN in Salina Kansas to see some military aircraft in action!

I wish I could but I am gonna be busy with other things maybe next time

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