Any good flight?

Anyone know any good flights and realistic flights I can do to Saint Martin. But before COVID bc well there is like non. All the flights on FR24 are planes that aren’t in If and also there are domestic. Most going to Saint Barts

What kind of flight duration are you looking for?

Tbh a long haul but of you have a short/medium haul send it

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If you’re looking for intra-Caribbean flights, I know that American and a few other U.S. airlines operate a few flights from San Juan there, which takes about 45 minutes-1 hour of flying time. In addition, you could use the Aruba Airlines CRJ-200 to fly between that island and St. Maarten.

Aside from doing commuter hops in the Cessna 208 or private flights to other islands in the area, you wouldn’t have too many options in the 1-2 hour range. If you go from 2h30m onwards, you’d be able to fly directly to the U.S. mainland, which is where the majority of the islands’ commercial flights originate from.
(Do note, however, that reaching Miami’ll take you 2h30m; if you want to go further north, where a majority of St. Maarten’s routes originate, it’ll take you at least 3h30m to reach Washington and thirty minutes beyond that to touch down at Boston. Going further, such as to Toronto or Montreal, will set you back five hours or so, so plan and fuel up accordingly!)

If you’re looking for long-haul operations, tour operators often will charter private aircraft (for which you could use the generic liveries present on most commercial airframes in-game) to fly there from pretty much every major city in Europe, which is nice in terms of variety; however, the route to fly to St. Maarten would be KLM’s route there from Amsterdam Schiphol. It takes about 8h30m if you set up your waypoints right, and this one offers you probably the most variety available here, with 747s, MD-11s, 787s, and the like routinely making the hop over before March.

My response was a bit wordy; my bad, but I hope this helps!


It Hawkins a lot Thanks!

This one and Paris (LFPG) with Air France would be great options for you in my opinion :)

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Thank you

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