Any good Flight planning websites (i am changing)

I like to change flight planning websites every now and then
And i want to change now

websites that i used

now please

Websites like skyvector are ok, but it only workes in the US

so any good flight planning websites beside Sky Vector?

that are free

The only website I still know is FlightPlanDatabase. Personally, I don’t think it’s that good. As an app, ForeFlight is extremely good. But this is not free.

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Simbrief is excellent

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3 years. good to have you back

You should use . It gives you the real flight plan for flights, and all the info you need

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Honestly, Simbrief is the best. fpltoif is pretty good. Point is, I think you are moving away from the good ones :)
I wouldn’t recommend flightplandatabase as it is rather unrealistic.

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Hi, recently I use SkyVector alongside with Simbrief.

I first get the suggested route in Simbrief then I validate it with proper airways, less DCTs as much as possible. It really helps though because it would feel realistic knowing you fly via airways.

Stick to what you have and explore. :) I think those are the best free options for us.

I understand that you want to switch every now and then, but honestly, I have been using SimBrief/FPL2IF for at least 2.5 to 3 years now and it’s is absolutely great! It’s realistic, it’s accurate, and it’s just super easy to use (and free! 🤩) I would honestly not recommend switching. Just my two cents though!


SimBrief uses these FPLs almost every time when they’re available.

Recently made extensive search all across the web and what I found is that SimBrief rules - especially if you start getting into the specifics of it.
I also verify the routes on FlightAware which are those used by SimBrief 90+% of the time.
Finally I occasionally use Navigraph, mostly when SimBrief is unavailable due to maintenance (but navigraph requires a subscription)

Every once in a while I use the routes from FlightAware. I would highly (not recommended) this

I think this works well if you wanna choose airline and aircraft and has real routes on it

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