Any good decent rate methods?

Any good ways to calculate decent and when to decent and what vs? Thanks


VS is your choice really, -1000-2000fpm is what I go for. These are good for it.


I usually use the following formula to determine when to begin my descent:

At time [in minutes] = (Cruise Altitude)-10

I usually start at around -1000 to -1200 ft./min and gradually increase or decrease the VS depending on the flight parameters. I rarely ever exceed -1500 ft/min though.

My typical final cruising altitude is anywhere between FL380 and FL430, so using the above formula, I usually begin my descent around the 28-33 minutes to destination (ETE to Dest) mark. This is typically how a long a realistic descent lasts in real life commercial services. Including the slowing down and pattern, my total time from initial descent to touchdown lasts around 45 minutes.

Although this is sometimes a crude way of doing it, I find that it gets the job done while allowing for flexibility in my approach. However, if you want to go very mathematical about it, I recommend some of the links given above. Hopes this helps!

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The airliners descend between 1000-2500 in real life.

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I don’t actually have a method, I just use the blue ‘banana’ to guide myself down.

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thanks! its helping!

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