Any good 12-14 hour flights?

Are there any suggested 12-14 hour flights out there in general?
Are there any suggested 12-14 hour flights out there with the A350?


Some are posted here.

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YYZ-HKG - Cathay

alright thanks!

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Maybe Chicago to Dubai on an Emirates A350-900

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it would be fun but it’s not realistic yet :)

You could do YBBN-CYVR.

WSSS-KLAX is probably good with the Singapore A350.

yep very true

Montreal to Doha.

@Tsumia we should create an SJC flyout!

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Where is @BigBert10?

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for @BigBert10, he would be happy and I would too I live near SJC, I can see their approach line of planes every day!

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Ey! I was thinking that! Les do it.

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I was about to get to that :) I already DM’ed him a long time ago and another one of my firends who lives in SJC

Ya I will dm you and we can get working, just give me a little I have to get some things taken care of for my brother.

Already DMed you.

oh looks like your ahead

actually lets get working right now :)

I would do ODMB-RJTT on Emirates or ANA.

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